Ansteel Mining Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise of metallurgical mine in China. Since the founding of our country, it has produced 1.5 billion tons of iron ore. It has 11 iron ore mines, 9 -benificiation plants, 1 sintering plant, 2 pelletizing plants and 4 auxiliary material mines. Annual production scale: 120 million tons of iron ores, 41 million tons of fine iron ores, 6 million tons of pellets, 3.8 million tons of sinter ores and 10 million tons of limestone. At present, the corporation has the most resources in the world and the unique large-sized iron ore enterprise with the complete industry chain, integrated by prospecting, mining, benificiation, civil blasting engineering, mine equipment manufacturing, resource comprehensive utilization industry and logistics trade, process R&D and design as well as engineering technology output.

Ansteel Mining Co., Ltd builds a stronger and bigger resource industry, promotes the development of industrialization and internationalization, implements strategic cost management based on the value chain in a creative way and builds intelligent mines. It has developed the critical technology of mining and beneficiation of “iron improvement and silicon reduction”, “collaborative exploitation” and the “integration of underground mining and beneficiation”, created a “Five-grade (i.e. geologic grade, mined ore grade, crude ore grade, concentrate grade and furnace burden grade) Linkage” theory and model for mine and metallurgical system engineering, successfully tackled an international problem in effectively developing and utilizing lean iron ore. It has reached international leading level in beneficiation technology and product quality and built a green mine with the harmonious development between human beings and nature and has become the first batch of smart manufacturing demonstration enterprise in China. The corporation won 4 national technological progress awards and 7 national management innovation achievement awards successively. As a leading unit, it prepared domestic first medium and long-term development planning of iron ore industry as a leading role, It also completed the preparation, review and issuance for 14 national standards and 6 industry standards successively.

Australian Karara iron ore
Rich magnetite
Iron concentrate
Sinter ore
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