Titanium improves people’s living standard

Titanium Dioxide is closely related to people’s daily lives. Paper, plastics and rubber all contain Titanium Dioxide. Besides, it has been widely used in chemical fiber, ceramics, ink, daily chemical industry, medicine, food, cosmetics, and other industries.

Ansteel has the comprehensive productivity of half a million tons of titanium concentrate, and 200 thousand tons of Titanium Dioxide, of which the representative products are: R-298 and R258 Domestic high-end general Rutile Titanium Dioxide.

Titanium production line
R-258 Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide applied to Plastics-steel doors and windows
Titanium Dioxide applied to Color Master Batch

Titanium is one of the light metal. Despite its weight is only half of steel’s, its strength is about 18% more than steel’s,and its ductility is far superior to steel’s. In aerospace and aviation industries, Ti alloy has been widely used because of its superior characteristics. The shells of most launch vehicle, artificial satellite, space shuttle, space station, and planetary probe are made by Ti alloy.

Ansteel has a productivity of 180 thousand tons of titanium slag, 15 thousand tons of titanium sponge, 4 thousand tons of titanium ingot, 3 thousand tons of Titanium milled products.

Titanium plate
Titanium bar
Titanium tube
Titanium ingot
Titanium slag
Titanium ingot

Deep ocean probe made by Titanium alloy can deeply dive to 6500 meters, whereas the submarine made by steel can only dive to 300 meters.

Titanium ingot

Despite the weight of Titanium is only half of the steel, the strength of it is about 18% more than steel. Titanium is widely used in making golf club.

Titanium ingot

Titanium has been widely used in launch vehicle, Artificial Satellite, space shuttle, space station, planetary probe, and other industries.

Titanium ingot

Titanium-nickel alloy has the memory function, which can be used to manufacture automobile shells. The shape of the automobile shells can recover the original shape after collusion as long as heat it with hot wind above 80 degrees.

Titanium ingot

Titanium has an affinity for the human body. The Titanium skeletal fixator does not need to be taken out of the human body.

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