Dominate Energy
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In 2011, Ansteel Group Corporation made a new historical record in the main energy-saving indicators, completed the annual target of energy saving in energy consumption indicators and the actual quantity of energy-saving indicators and realized energy saving of 342,000 tons of standard coal. The comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel was reduced by 2.37% in Angang and 2.17% in Pangang over 2010.


Management and technological progress


According to the national certification standard of energy management system, Ansteel carried out experiment work of certification for energy management system in Angang Steel Co., Ltd. and planned to pass external audit of national certification for energy management system in 2012.


Ansteel implemented energy efficiency standard assessment, including energy-saving organization, energy-saving technical progress and transformation, laws and regulations execution, energy supervision etc.. The result of assessment was incorporated in the election of clean plants so as to promote the efficient operation of energy-saving management system in the enterprise. In 2011, 135 units in Ansteel Group Corporation met the energy-saving standard, up-to-standard rate of 89%. For the units not meeting the standards, Ansteel urged them to rectify and correct and meet the standard in a limited period.


Contract energy management


According to the related national policies, Ansteel promoted contract energy management project and established Ansteel Energy-saving Technical Service Co., Ltd.. In 2011, Ansteel Group Corporation approved 11 contract energy management projects with the total investment of 203,800,000yuan covering three types of energy-saving fields, i.e. variable frequency speed control technology in motor driving system, waste heat steam in industrial waste energy recovery and utilization system, waste heat generation in combined heat and power system and realized 104,900,000yuan of annual profits. Among them, the power-saving rate for the converter transformation project of 4×900kw BF combustion fans reached up to 43% in Ansteel Bayuquan Steel Base, which is the first project to put into operation; the power-saving rate for the converter transformation project of 2×1120kw BF combustion fans reached up to 30% in new No.4 blast furnace of Anshan headquarters Steel Base. Pangang Chengdu Steel and Vanadium Co., Ltd. implemented many projects, such as using electrodeless lights for green lighting, transformation for the converter power turbid circulating water of shaft furnace de-dusting fan, power saving of sintering exhauster converter and shaft furnace evaporation cooling waste heat steam recovery etc. and achieved a very good results and the energy consumption was greatly reduced.


Recovery and reutilization of waste energy


Ansteel Group Corporation has been strengthening the recovery and utilization of waste heat and energy and continuously improving technological level of process, equipment and operation. Ansteel makes full use of waste heat and energy by applying TRT, dry quenching coke and waste pressure generator of coke oven, gas and steam combined cycle power plant with surplus gas as fuel, sintering machine waste heat generator and gas boiler generator. The technical equipment rate for TRT reached 100%.


Ansteel installed two sintering waste heat steam generators. By making use of recycling cooling flue gas waste heat of sintering machine, dual-pressure waste heat boiler was applied to recover flue gas waste heat for generation. It can save energy of 50,000 tons of standard coal per year; two gas boilers were equipped with 20,000kw generators in Ansteel Bayuquan Steel Base to strengthen the utilization of coke oven gas and BF gas. No gas emission was basically realized. Pangang recovered the waste heat and energy for generation, such as converter gas, flue gas waste heat of sintering machine, dry quenching coke waste heat from coke oven, flue gas waste heat from hot blast stove and flue gas from rolling heating furnace. Pangang Chengdu Steel and Vanadium Co., Ltd. implemented the activity of “improving the comprehensive utilization rate of gas and reducing the consumption of natural gas”to tackle the key technical problems, which made BFG emission rate reduce by 22.96% compared to 2010, saving energy of 4900tons of standard coal.