HR Stratery
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Talent Strategy: 
For an enterprise, talents are the top resource in the scientific development. According to the strategic target and overall task requirements of Ansteel Group, talent team development shall take "Proper scale, reasonable structure, utilization oriented, key points focused, and innovation system" as the principle, establish the talent development concept of “Sincerity, respect, progress and win-win”, stick to the implementation of talent strengthening enterprise strategy, care for people, take “mutual development of enterprise and its employees” as the starting point, continuously improve and innovate the talent priority development system and mechanism, optimize the talent development environment, perfect talent assessment system, strengthen talent management regulation ensuring system, and provide a solid guarantee with talent teams, to make Ansteel a “most internationally competitive, super large scaled international group which leads the development of world iron and steel industry”.
Talent introduction: 
Take serving for the middle and long term development and planning of Ansteel as the purpose, stick to the talent introduction principle of “Overall planning, key point focused, open and fair, selecting on merit” pursuant to the guidelines of “reasonable levels, classified implementation”, and introduce hundreds of graduates and experienced talents in all fields yearly, to lay a solid foundation for the continuous development of the enterprise.
Talent cultivation: 
Take the human resource planning target to create “A talent highland of basing on Ansteel, being advanced in the industry, leading the development of iron and steel industry”, regard "three talent teams" construction as a key point, give an overall planning and all-round consideration, implement the integrate development strategy of talent resource, make a series of talent development policies and measures, strive to provide a platform for learning and exercising of employees, and continuously enhance the quality of employee team through post communication, tutor teaching students, holding competitions, selecting talents for further education in colleges, career navigation, etc.
Talent utilization: 
Stick to the principle of “using the capable ones, replacing the average ones, relieving the incapable ones”, take selecting preferred by competition as the key point, gradually establish and perfect the talent appointment mechanism, encouragement mechanism, supervision and exam & assessment mechanism, smooth the promotion channel for various talents, and actively establish the sound environment of “develop talents, use talents and make the talents fully exert their capability”. Provide a platform and space to exert their capabilities through the implementation of open selection, post competitive selection, talents communication, putting on field practice, etc. Take establish and perfect engineering technical posts, high skill talents rank order and promotion and encouragement regulations of various talents as key points, and actively explore effective talent management measures, to make excellent talents on various fields show themselves.