Ansteel Successfully Rolled out the Widest 7Ni Steel Sheet


Recently, the widest 7Ni steel sheet with the thickness of 5mm and the width of 3400mm was successfully rolled out in Ansteel 4300mm Heavy Plate Line. As a new generation of nickel-saving type structural steel under ultra-low temperature to replace 9Ni steel, the content of Ni in 7Ni steel is down by more than 20%, sharply reducing production cost. In 2020, Ansteel Group developed double-layer pack rolling technology by itself, breaking through the rolling specification limit of medium and heavy plate mills. This also provides important supports for the R&D and industrial production of 7Ni steel and other wide and thin plates. At the moment, Ansteel Group has successfully developed 5mm-60mm through-thickness 7Ni plates ranging from ultra-thin to ultra-wide ones, up to or exceeding the performance of 9Ni steel.

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