Ansteel’s bridge steel applied in the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge        

Ansteel has been leading the development of new products and  technologies in domestic bridge steel. Ansteel has developed a series of new generation bridge steel with high-performance, high strength, good low-temperature brittleness and good atmospheric corrosion resistance and anti-brittle fracture as well as high anti-fatigue and creepage.
Ansteel was the first to produce Q420~Q690 high-performance bridge steel in China, which promoted the upgrading of domestic bridge steel from ferrite-pearlite steel to ultra-low carbon ferrite-bainite steel. The application of Q420qD to the Chongqing Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge, the first arch bridge in the world in 2005 presented the beginning of high-performance steel application to domestic bridge steel field. 
High-performance bridge steel Q500qE developed in 2010 was the first to pass the technical review from the Ministry of Railways. The steel can be used in the construction of railway bridge. The design proposals of Hutong Yangtze River Bridge and some other road bridges have used such kind of steel.
Ansteel weather-resistant bridge steel was the first to adopt coating-free application to the bridge in China. Q345qDNH and Q345qENH were used in Shenyang Baitahe Footbridge,Houdingxiang Bridge and Shenyang Maojiadian Bridge respectively.Q500qDNH was applied to Weihe No.2 Bridge in Mei County, Shaanxi. GR50W weather-resistant bridge steel was used in Alaska Railway Bridge and New Zealand Bridge in the USA.

Characteristics and types

The key technology

The application to domestic and international project of Ansteel's bridge steel shows that the development path of bridge steel in Ansteel is from low-carbon steel,low-alloy steel to high-performance steel, which is in line with international development trend of bridge steel.High-perfomance bridge steel of Ansteel includes low-alloy high-strength bridge steel with yield strength of 420~690MPa, atmospheric corrosion resistant bridge steel with the yield strength of 345~690MPa (NH series) and marine atmosphere corrosion resistant bridge steel with the yield strength of 235~420MP (NHY series).Many critical process technologies were applied: low-carbon, ultra-low carbon,micro-alloy technology, clean steel melting and controlling technology,multi-phase structure adjusting and controlling technology,auxiliary welding material and welding process technology.


Various specifications:Thickness:16~80mm, width:900~5200mm,length:max.25000mm; unit weight of finished product:max.~25.8t
Good performance homogenization in each direction:Uniform plate width and directional performance and good profile
Excellent welding property:After 30~70KJ/cm high heat input welding, the mechanical properties for the joint and weld of Q420q, Q460q and Q500q fully meet the requirement of standards. Akv in heat-affected zone at -40℃ (1mm outside of bond line) can reach up to 100~150J;
Low yield strength ratio control:Due to the application of TMCP process, the yield strength ratio of plate with Q500q and lower is less than 0.85. Therefore, it has an ideal low yield strength ratio;good corrosion resistance;Through the optimum combination of Cu, Cr, Ni and Mo, weather-resistant bridge steel has excellent corrosion resistance in atmosphere and coastal atmosphere.



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