Application and scope of product


Ansteel has two main series in hot galvanizing automotive steel, i.e. low-carbon and ultra-low-carbon hot galvanized strip and high-strength hot galvanized strip for cold forming. Low-carbon and ultra-low-carbon hot galvanized strip has good stamping performance, welding performance and better surface quality, so it is widely used for manufacturing various automotive parts. Especially ultra-low carbon hot galvanized strip has good comprehensive utilization performance, thus it is widely used in internal and external panel for doors, oil pan and other stamping parts with complicated deformation. High-strength hot galvanized strip for cold forming includes high-strength IF steel, high-strength BH steel and high-strength low-alloy steel. It is charactertized by higher strength and good formability as well as excellent corrosion resistance. More and more internal and external panel of cars, structural parts and other parts with complicated deformation and high strength requirements use this kind of steel. Now, Ansteel supplies these products for BYD Group, Great Wall Motor, Yutong Group and other domestic automotive manufacturer. 


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